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There are BIG CHANGES coming to the LED vs LCD tv market in 2010!! EVERYTHING IS GOING WIRELESS! No More cables running everywhere. The two manufacturers best suited for the switch are Samsung and LG. Make sure all of your audio and video components such as blu-ray players are wireless compatible.

What are the differences between an LED and an LCD tv? Which one is better? Those are questions I had and I bet you do to. LED televisions do have some distinct advantages vs a comparable LCD tv. Price and Environmental Factors are the two main differences. I have outlined the facts about LED televisions and LCD televisions in the tables below.The first difference that strikes me is the price.  Currently LED televisions are about 50% more than an LCD tv. However the price gap has been narrowing and will continue to do so. An LED tv uses light emitting diodes ad its source of light for the television. An LED tv uses these diodes to create a much more vibrant and colorful image. The blacks are truly black (not dark gray) and the colors are more realistic vs an LCD tv. LED tvs can achieve a contrast ratio of up to 500,000:1. They also in general have a higher refresh rate which will help when watching shows with motion such as sports or movies.


State of the Art Picture Quality
About 40% Less Energy usage than a same sized LCD TV
Mercury Free and a VERY Thin Design
Currently LED TV's Cost about 20-30% more


Good Picture Quality, but Images may "burn" in Display
Energy Costs run Between $150-200 per year to operate an LCD
Mercury IS used in Manufacturing Process
Cost is the Cheaper of the Two Choices

The second major difference between LED and LCD televisions is the environmental effect.  LCD televisions use mercury in the manufacturing process versus the LED tv which does not! Mercury is very bad for the environment. Mercury is also used in making solar cells but that is off topic. An LED hdtv will also use about 40% LESS power than the same size LCD tv. Power usage is the dark secret of all the new line of HDTVs. An LCD or plasma television cost between $10-15 per month to operate. That is quite high particularly if you have more than one. The tree hugger in me comes down firmly on the side of LED televisions.
The thickness and therefore the weight is the last major difference of LED vs LCD tvs.  LED televisions are about one third the thickness of the same size LCD tv. Correspondingly, the weight is about half. This could come into play when deciding how to mount your new HDTV.
It is my belief that LED televisions are vastly superior to an LCD tv. In one to two years time you will look back and be happy that you got the LED tv. I hope the article about LED vs LCD tv's helpful, and have a blessed day!

LED vs LCD tv

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